Delyla Blythe was officially founded in the summer of 2017 with a heart full of dreams, hope, and wonder about the future. I, Jenny Hambleton, was inspired to start designing after realizing that I had the talent, skills, eye, and drive to be a successful female entrepreneur.

I draw inspiration from fashion, art, and the beauty of the natural world. There is no doubt that my training as an architect is clearly visible in the shapes of my bags and in their details. I am quite fascinated by the creative process and what drives that process forward and onward. I am always striving to explore new ideas and seeing how they will come together in a handbag.

So far, I have two designs available: The Joy Bucket Bag and the Sabrina Mini. I am currently working on the Spring/Summer 20' collection, which will include a leather shoulder bag and the Sabrina Mini done in leather....Please check back soon for more details and photos.


About Jenny: Designer and CEO

From a young age, I knew that I would be working in a creative field as an adult. I enjoy the challenges and possibilities that come along with designing a new collection.... Each one that I work on is an exploration in color and materials.

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